Monday, August 31, 2009

Here it begins...

Here it begins...LIFE. With the roar of the El train zooming past every six minutes, the tread of feet, and the turning of the car engines, this is home. The lullaby that plays outside my window is the sound of the streets, the sound of life’s music. Not nature, but human life.

Discovering this place was fate. As each step has been perfect all on its own. Who knew that merely partaking in an enjoyable dinner at our favorite Pizza cafe would lead to a home? Walking past the for rent sign that night changed the course of what life could have been. Who we become past this point is because of this place. The jobs we find and the lives we lead will be a product of where we live. There is hope in this new home and optimism. Dreams will begin here and be fulfilled here. Sadness might come, but happiness will surely follow. This is a place where tears will be fixed with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. A place where loneliness ends with the opening of a great book. Stress and worry are left at the front door because this place is just too small for their company. A home where many fantastic meals will be created and enjoyed, many movies will be watched, and crossword puzzles will be completed (or at least attempted). This home is a place where interests will be more than just discovered but pursued. A place where love will be found and never lost.

With the end of one stage of life comes the beginning of the next. And here it begins on Rockwell Street.

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