Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nanny Ninny

Thus here I sit -- a real nanny! Hired permanently... Oh what a feeling to know that after today, this week, this month... I will still be here. It is a scary, yet romantically beautiful thought. I have just begun a journey with this little girl, this family. I am so grateful to them for seeing something in me that made them think I was the right fit. I knew I liked them right off the get go... Her emails were always so welcoming. They make me feel wanted here, like I am doing them a generous deed. It is them who have done the amazing thing by hiring me! Now all I can do is strive everyday to take care of their baby the best I can. Make her happy, care for and love her. I love how little she is, but I am excited for the spring when she will be old enough to take on excursions and voyages! Now it is just small advenutres around the neighborhood -- but let’s face it, with my directional skills, small adventures that lead us home are amazing.
So as I sit writing this poorly grammaratized commentary, Layla swings away in slumber. Thus with the time I have to myself I am going to write! It will suck at first, but hopefully day by day something great will be written. And who knows maybe eventually I will have composed a literary wonder -- such as Twilight or Harry Potter. I know I have the imagination, now all I have to do is find the words...

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