Sunday, January 10, 2010


This week I returned to nannying. It got off to a rough start, Miss. Layla didn't want to nap and was more fussy in one single day than I think she has ever been before. As the days progressed though, my attitude began to change. I stopped viewing being Layla's nanny as doing the perfect things for her all day long, but rather just being with her and enjoying her instead. The result was, I lost the feeling of stress I had and just had a sense of joy. We've fallen into a good routine, she naps pretty well (even if I am breaking the rules a bit and holding her in my arms a bit too long), and we laugh a lot. Layla is going to be a booty shaker when she grows up. The little thing laughs the most when I put my pride aside and dance to Lady Gaga and J.Lo. She loves it and the laughter just makes me love her even more. I now call her Lay-z, which will totes be her stage name when she gets older. And maybs 20 years from now, when she is on the stage dancing I will take pride in my influence in her life. But more importantly for now, I am awed by her influence in my life.

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