Saturday, February 20, 2010


The following is a brief excerpt from my novel. Now at 32,695 words and the start of week three!

The elevator light lit up,
L, and the doors opened. Jaylee stepped out into the lobby, her heart feeling like it was beating in her brain.
There he was. His blond curls sitting on top of his head like an angel’s halo. Leaning up against the welcome counter he stood casually as he talked to one of his friends. He was dressed in jeans and a navy blue university t-shirt. When he spotted Jaylee he winked at her with his brown eyes and gave her a bright smile. She couldn’t help but grin just as big back and walked towards him. “Hey Pierce. Wassup?” He asked in his relaxed California drawl, opening his arms for a hug. Jaylee leaned into his embrace and put her arms around his neck. Standing on her tip toes he pulled her in tight. He smelled like cologne and barbeque sauce.
She grinned in delight.
Peering over his shoulder she saw him. He was sitting in the lounge area, staring at her with a humored grin on his face. His cheeks possessed a perfect pair of dimples and his eyes shown the color of the sky after a rain storm.
She froze, forgetting to pull away from the boy she was hugging. He pushed her back softly, chuckling.
“Easy there Pierce.” He said looking down at her, and taking in her outfit.
But Jaylee wasn’t paying attention. She just stared beyond him as a ghost from her past stared back at her.
The other boy--Zac--said something to her that she missed. “Um . . . What?“ she replied.
“I asked if you were ok? You look as if you’ve seen the grim reaper.”
Just then the boy with the brown hair, wild and uncombed, got up from where he was sitting and walked towards them. He stepped right up to Jaylee. “Hi Jay.” His voice was warm and welcoming, just as it had been before, but now it had reached full maturity and contained an added factor of sexy raspiness.
“Hi Cal.” She said and fainted.

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