Friday, February 5, 2010

Game night

This weekend my roommate cousin, Elisabeth, is out of town.

When the roomie is away Nikki will play. This is so not true.

Somehow Ebeth and I have become a pair and thus to hang out with people we tend to be together. With her gone I feared I would do nothing all weekend. TOTES NOTHING.

But au contraire . . . I made my own plans.

This morning as I sat on the couch for the fifth day in a row home 'sick,' I realized I had to do something. Thus I made contact with Maria Maria. And we set a plan to get together at my place for dessert, wine and a movie. Furthermore I contacted another friend, Britta whom also found the invite appealing and accepted.

I cleaned. I dusted my dresser. I combed the rug. I febreezed the couch.

As I sat down to eat my Chef Boyardi Spaghetti and Meatballs from a can, I got a text insinuating that we change our plans.


I have a problem you see, a complex if you will. I like plans, and I like them to be unaltered. I see it as a flaw in myself, an inability to be accommodating. Regardless these changes throw me off balance. I get testy and rude. Often I refuse to go along with the new set of plans and politely decline, while internally . . . I am seething.

However, this evening I responded a bit different. My initial response was of course, no. The new plans were to go play games at an individual's apartment whom I did not know. It would entail me taking the el and walking a very, very long distance to North Park campus (a place at which I try to avoid) to go to a seminarian's apartment to play games. I could hardly relish the thought!

Though meeting new people and engaging in small talk is one of my top phobias. Alas, I stopped for a moment and thought to myself that this was something I should do. After all there was no harm in getting out a bit and meeting some new folk.

But oh that walk. Too dangerous. And I fresh off the strep. Simply not wise. But maybe if Britta would pick me up . . . yes.

So there you have it. I preceded with these new plans. I even put forth some effort and allowed myself to have fun. Sadly I cannot say that the evening was full of pow, bang, flash, firework, kaboom excitement. But it was still a rather enjoyable time with some nice people, yogurt covered pretzels, and a game of Scene It.

And who doesn't love yogurt covered pretzels!

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