Saturday, February 13, 2010

Novel update . . .

A whole week has passed and the novel is sufficiently underway. The word count today began at just over 12,800 words. I have characters and a general grasp of where the story could go, but as for a real plot . . . not quite there yet. That is okay, because I am told by my novel writing kit that week 2 is when the plot really starts to take form.

Thus far I have a general understanding of what is going on. So drum roll please . . . romance, adventure, action, betrayal, growing up, and a battle.  

Two kids move to a new school and develop an unexpected friendship. Circumstances tear them apart only to reunite them several years later. What started out as a childhood friendship develops into much more when they are forced to take the adventure of their lives. Torn from reality and tossed into a world of adventure and make believe they must rely on each other for survival. 

The tale of a shy girl and a brazen boy sends us on a journey to discover the truth about the world and about oneself. 

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