Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coffee Shop Sunday

The new story is going well. Last night between the hours of four and ten, I wrote 7,000 words. Of course it has been easy thus far because the entire story has just been sitting in my head, waiting to be written on the page. They probably aren't 7,000 great words, but at least 3,000 of them are okay. Now today I am at Starbucks, simply writing. It is amazing how time can fly by while lost in the world of story telling, while drinking a White Mocha Americano. Last night, I realized what writing really is. It is like reading a good book, but writing it as you go along, making it exactly the way you want it to be. That feeling that comes when a great book draws you in, and you become entirely invested in the life of the characters, is even better when the characters are the people you are imagining in the first place. 
At the end of the day, writing doesn't have to be for the enjoyment of anyone but yourself. The hours of joy I have experienced since starting my writing adventure have been far worth it. 
Do what you love. Not because anything will come out of it, 
but because it will make you happy. 
Dance in a field of dandelions. Run through the rain. Buy a new pair of shoes to go with your outfit. Bake cookies. Play the piano even if you aren't any good. Draw a picture. Have lunch with a friend. Read a trashy romance novel. Go on a walk-about. Sing while you run. Drink coffee. Skydive. Do the crossword. Watch soap-operas. Talk to random people you meet. Laugh at nothing,

We are the main characters in our own lives.
Let your character live.

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  1. Is that an original Nicole A. Fondell quote? Or perhaps a Donald Miller quote? Maybe a Nikki Miller...

    "We are the main characters in our own lives. Let your character live."

    If so, it's great. If not, it's still great.


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