Thursday, March 11, 2010


Last night I had a dream about my dog, Rags.
And I am going absolutely no where with that,
but here is a picture of him.

I dream about a lot of things.
Recently I had a dream about Shaq and 
he was singing a song about peanuts while sitting on a park bench. 
Often at night I have those weird awake dreams, you know, not quite sleep walking, but just nearly. 
The other night, the ceiling fan was really a large spike that was breaking through the plaster and I kept shrinking to the edge of my bed so it wouldn't fall on me. 

Vampires show up in my dreams far more often than I am proud of.
Once I had this dream about someone who just became a vampire.
He was wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun as we drove around in a red convertible, and when I asked him how I smelled he said peculiar. Then we were under attack and I killed all these bad vamps by breaking a pool stick in half.

For years I have had dreams about babies. 
Either I am trying to hold them but my arms don't work, 
or they are like a little baby who talks or walks.

Regularly I have this dream that I am at my old high school.
I am trying to get to class, but my vision is blurred and my legs are like pudding.
I drag myself by my arms.
I hate that dream.

I have this recurring dream that is always different, but when I have it, I know it is the same dream.
If you catch my drift.
It often takes place in a large hotel and I am running away from someone.
At some point I creep through this attic space and encounter a witch. 
Other times I have this same dream but I am at a carnival.
I wind up in one of those rides that goes upside down, but this one is going to submerge me in water.
And those are just the types of dreams I have when I'm asleep.
I hope you've enjoyed this very obscure post. 
Don't ask.

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