Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Aimee!

Today is the birthday of my little sister Aimee. 
Though little is by far the term I would use for her, and no, that is not meant to be a fat joke. 
For one, she is a few inches taller than me, but really it is because she is 
17 today

Honestly, how time flies! 
I still remember when she was an itty bitty baby and holding her in my arms.
 She was so perfectly cute. I taught her how to walk you know!!

Her 17th birthday is reminding me of her 1st b-day. We went to Hawaii on vacation and flew home on her 365th day on earth—outside the womb of course. 
I can still remember holding her in my arms, in the warmth of a Hawaiian night, as we attended a luau. 
The pig was roasting. We were wearing leis. The sun was setting over the horizon. The salty brine of the ocean wafted in the air. 

When we got home, we opened her presents. I gave her a stuffed Barney. She loved that purple and green dinosaur! Now she is 17 and a stuffed Barney or Barbie doll are hardly the appropriate gifts.

But, I wouldn't want her to go back to that sweet and wonderful little girl. 
I love her at this age—even though she is a bit too sassy and gorgeous. 
She is my best friend


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