Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here comes spring, oh wait, just kidding!

Do you want to know what amazes me? Probs not, but I will tell you anyway. It amazes me that I can walk outside in nothing but a t-shirt and have the sun pour down on me with warmth one day, and then the next day it is a blizzard outside. This is an atrocity. But, I am actually not too upset about it. I know spring will come back in a few days, but winter won't be here for a year. It might as well make a short visit before going back to hibernation during the more lovely months. At least we were given a couple days of glorified spring to ignite that small hope for what lies ahead.

John Steinbeck had this to say about the great month of March: "March is a nervous month, neither winter nor spring and the winds make people nervous." I agree, but I think it is kind of an exciting month for that fact. You never know what it is going to be like outside and you can just sit and let the experience of season change hit you.

Speaking of changes, I have made a large one in my life as it pertains to my novel writing. You see, this past week I had the great pleasure of a visit from Mother and Lil' Sis. It was tons of fun, filled with lots of food (pictures and details to come). I officially over gorged and now must revisit my past of healthy eating. It will suck at first when I say no to Chinese food, but eventually the joy of eating a grape fruit will return and life will be better. This is neither here nor there, so let me return to my point. Their visit was great, but it took me away from my writing for a bit. It has been over a week since I really sat down and wrote.

When I tried to return I found that I couldn't do it. I have experienced a disconnection, and now I am torn at a crossroads. This is not to say that I don't desire to write, that has not disappeared. However, this time away from my writing has alerted me to one small detail, my characters are boring. They have all the potential in the world; some of their lines are clever and they are in interesting scenes, but regardless, they are falling flat, like a cardboard cutout of James Dean. It looks just like him, but there is nothing there, and that is just simply a tragedy. As a result, the novel is lacking that major element, characters that you like. And I am a huge proponent of incredible characters. Thenceforth, for now, I am going to take a break from that novel. I am not breaking up with it, but we are going to see other people for a little while, so that when we get back together, there will be a newly discovered passion.

I have a different story in my mind. It is one that I think will be far easier to communicate on the page and the time spent working on that one, will only seek to further my story telling capabilities and character development. One day, I will return to my novs and continue the story. I have a feeling it will not take too long, because I already miss it. But they deserve to be written with fervor and brilliancy. And let's just say this, I am a genius, but not quite brilliant yet.

So, like the spring was put on hiatus for one day so that the last of the snowflakes could make their way to the ground, so too will my book experience a brief hiatus. Thus, when it returns, it will be that much more fantastic.

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