Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Novel update . . .

Alright friends . . . I am totes aware that today I have perhaps overblogged. But the first two entries are hardly worth looking at, and I really felt like I needed to post a novel update. Not for y'all, but for myself; which completely correlates with what I wrote about yesterday. Anyhow . . . the real blog post begins now.

Tick, tock, tick, tock. The sounds of the clocks in my tiny apartment click alternating ticks and tocks. Sometimes the sounds go away, but when you stop and listen, that’s all you hear. Like the beating of two hearts that will never be in sync.

Right now I feel like the two clocks are representative of my heart and the heart of my novel. I am trying very hard to let our hearts meld into one. But, it simply is not working. I want to scrap it. Not writing, merely this novel. However, that would literally be an extreme tragedy that I refuse to allow. Almost as abhorrent as Stephenie Meyer just letting Edward's version of Twilight dangle in the abyss indefinitely. Some things are meant to be written.

I see the problem with it, which is, it has become too serious. The characters are too dramatic, and they are not charismatic enough to be such drama queens. I had always known that the first draft would literally be sliced and diced. Regardless, that was not the point of embarking on the 30 day novel challenge. The point was to get the creative juices flowing; to make it so I could stop saying I am interested in writing, and say I am a writer!

The novel isn’t done yet, but I can’t finish it until I’ve started it over. Not entirely over—obviously. And I have the first draft set aside so that it can remain the real draft of the 50,000 words, which I will let a select few read. Do keep in mind that it is a rough pencil sketch of a work of art that is going to be a painting.

The idea of essentially starting over should be daunting, but I am not afraid. The hard part is over; the exciting part is just beginning.

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