Monday, March 8, 2010

Novel update . . .

Alright . . . yes, I did suffer blog layout a.d.d again and revamped once more.

It has been far too long since I have posted something of worth about my novel up here.

Today officially marks the last day of the month-long challenge. And I am at 67,703 words! I can hardly believe that I have actually written that much and not only that, every day, I enjoy writing more!

I think I have finally found that place where my heart and the book match; the clocks are finally ticking together. The story is developing into something that is more than just silly words on a page, but a story that has the hope of some depth and entertainment. My characters are getting interesting and developing personality. I have more or less fallen in love with them and I am eager to write more of their journey each day. My mind has started to constantly daydream about my novel; I think out scenarios in my head and follow them through to see if they would add to the plot.

Yesterday my cousin Nat asked me what the hardest part of writing for me was. Well, aside from the obvious grammar issues, I spit out something to the affect of this: for me the physical writing is the easy part. Putting the words down on the page isn't hard. I find that I can easily write a story — of some sort — without too much effort. What is hard though, is allowing that story to become more than something you write down on the page and don't look back on. And if the story is not one that I am willing to revisit over and over, then there can be no future for it. The hardest part for me was finding that path for the novel that would keep me going down it no matter what obstacles I might have to face. Now I have probably reread my novel a dozen times, not necessarily to edit, but to put the heart in.

Here I sit, a real novelist. I have decided from now on until I have a real job that when someone asks me what I do, I will reply, "I am a writer, but I nanny on the side." 

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