Saturday, March 27, 2010

Novs update!

Hey peeps. Yup. This is a doubs blogging kind of a day. Perhaps even trips! But that is what happens when I have internet access and no Baby to distract me. And also, when I am caught up in what to write in my novs.

 It is time for a fresh update. 

For all of you curious as to what I've been spending my time writing and how soon my novs will be done 
. . . well, not very soon is the answer. 
I have been working on it every day, but the forward march movement is no longer the way I travel. Rather, I am taking a backseat approach. 
My characters are directing their path now and it is sufficient to say that they have forced me to back track — drastically. 
Originally, I would have never thought I would be able to just completely start over. But, I find that it is far easier than one would realize. 
Because, it isn't completely starting over. 
It is starting from the beginning, with an almost finished product as my traveling companion. We are on a new journey, but this time we remembered to bring our map and next exit book. So, rather than mindlessly zooming through the dark on barren roads, we are going at a safe pace and making sure to check the landmarks along the way. And, rather than my characters appearing as mute mirages on the side of the road, they are passengers in the car and one of them is even driving. They are sometimes loud and obnoxious, but really like to listen to Lady Gaga.
We are pretty much totes besties.

And this doesn't mean that the 70,000 words of the first draft are scrapped. 
Hardly so. 
I find that there are some great scenes that with a bit of tweeking will make it into the second draft. 
And let me just say, that I use the term great in my Vampire Diaries, Mortal Instruments, Twilight loving sense. I am not writing Pride and Prejudice here. Teeny bopper. Fantasy. Crappy but great! That is what I am all about. And let us not for one second forget what direction I am traveling in here. No false pretenses allowed. 

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