Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh My Goodness reactions . . .

Hands balled into tight fists. Hand over mouth. Fingers digging into the page. Fingers grabbing hair and pulling it. Desire to rip the page out of book. Want to shout out loud while in public. Shouting out loud alone. Smacking the book. Wishing book you were reading was yours and not libraries. Tears at thought of book ending. Noticeable pit in stomach. Opening to last page and then quickly slamming. Stopping amid a sentence to let images solidify. Mentally calculating pages left. Biting nails. Reading really slow to make it last longer. Need to tell someone what just happened. Anxious. Dreams. Want for commute to be three times longer. Skipping paragraphs to get to answer and then realizing you missed something great. Looking around you for signs that book is real. Don’t turn lights out until 3 a.m  . . . These are all reactions that should occur when you are reading a book. That oh my goodness reaction that removes you entirely from reality and tosses you into the wardrobe.
That is what a great book should be. 


  1. also, in my case: twisting the back of your hair into irreparable knots. which, at times, need to be partially cut out with scissors.

  2. yes. that would definitely fall into the great book category.

    a great book also uses the word grimace 37 times each chapter.


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