Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sitting on the couch with Baby sleeping to my left, 
I gaze out the window. It is raining today. Cloudy and gray.
Of course I forgot my umbrella this morning.
But inside is cozy and warm.
I sit with a cup of coffee and a Cinnabon, 
watching my new fav show, Supernatural
It is Wednesday already and that means only a few 
more days until my mom and Aimee come to visit!
I am totes excited. 
I've already started making a list of all we have to do,
rather, what we must eat!
1. Pizza Art Cafe
2. Sushi
3. Thai
4. Tre Kronor
5. Cold Stone
As I posted before, it was Aimee's birthday last weekend.
I had hoped to be able to give her a completed draft of my novel.
However, I have stopped the motion of go, go, go and have not made much forward progress.
Though the novel benefits from this new method, Aimee won't.
Regardless, as of Saturday, I hope to have some sort of printed copy to present to her.
And then the words I have written will be for her scrutiny!
I know it will be easiest to have her read it, because like me, Aimee has a fantastic mind.
She will get it, whether it actually makes sense or not (BFFF).
Plus she is in the age demographic that I am writing for.
Young adult fantasy.

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  1. That's right. Young Adult Fantasy. As opposed to that Classic Literature...


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