Thursday, March 18, 2010

While waiting for the bus . . .

This morning I experienced a bout of severe laziness, which told my mind I was not going to walk the approximate distance from the el to work. Thus, I chose to take the bus.

While waiting for the bus . . . I turned and looked for a brief while at a poster for the new movie Clash of the Titans. When I turned back from staring at Sam Worthington riding on Pegasus, a man sitting next to me struck up a convo.

Man: I hear that movie is supposed to be kind of good. If you like that type of movie. 
Me: Oh yes! I love these kinds of movies. Always in for a good epic. Not to mention sexy Sam Worthington and in 3D too! Totes my thing.
Man: Cool, cool. Yeah, that creature is kind of scary. Looks like a giant walrus or something. What do you think it looks like?
Me: Oh, I don't know. Something large and terrifying. A raum demon. Yeah. All those teeth.  
Man: Yeah, like a large walrus or something. The Titans were giants you know. But he doesn't look like a giant. 
Me: Yeah, maybe. Perhaps he is a giant but he just looks small next to that huge thing.
Man: They were giants. Though they were really only about 8ft tall, everyone else was just shorter. 
Me: Oh. Hahaha. Cool. 
Man: They were aliens you know. 
Me: Oh no. I didn't know that. 
Man: Yeah, you should read this book Book Title. They were aliens. Came here from another planet. You did hear about that space ship that crashed in Mexico didn't you?
Me: Oh that's my bus. Have a nice day!

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