Friday, April 9, 2010

Cowboy Steve

 I was going to come to you right now with a post about worrying and all that jazz, but I feel it is my duty to post something else. 

For most of my life, my father - Stephen Fondell - has wanted a horse. 
We had wolfhounds to fulfill that desire for the time being. But finally, when we moved to Oklahoma, my dad began taking riding lessons. 
And now - he is a real cowboy. 
Not only does he have the hat, the boots and the jacket, but he has the HORSE!
Look at that cowboy ride!
I am so excited for my dad.
It has been his life long dream to have a horse and now he finally does.
He says he is going to be riding all day on Saturday.

So rather than a post about worrying, though it did have a good message,
this is a post about following your dreams.
No matter how big or small, dreams can come true. 
Drive forward.
Grab that horse by the reigns 
and make your dreams a reality

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