Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Well, well, well. The weekend has come and gone and I am far more exhausted now than I was when it started. Thus -- 7-11 morning brew! I both hate and love weekends like that, because they mean that you were having too much fun to actually rest, but it makes it that much harder to go back to work early Monday morning.

I began the weekend celebrating test 2 of 4 for Roommate Cousins boresville accounting stuff. We got burgs in the square, sitting outside and eating like 250 lb men. With chips for an apee to boot. Needless to say, I felt humungo for the rest of the evening. But the great weekend eating would not stop there.

I got up -- too early -- on Saturday to go to Napes to visit my Mom's Bro and his famfam. Of course, I was riddled with a bit of excess anxiety and felt it ness to leave my apt at 8:30 for a 10:30 train from Union Station. I got there early -- an hour early -- but whatevs. I got a latte, sat by the train and waited. I had to pop in my headphones and listen to Gaga to drown out the persistent electronic voice of the woman saying which train track she was in charge of. Track 8, Track 8, Track 6, Track 6, Track 10, Track 8. Over and over. But though it was grating, there was also a peculiar charm to it. I kept waiting for her to announce track 9 & 3/4. But alas, fate would not lead me to Hogwarts that day.

But it did lead me to Napes Fam, as they shall be called. And boy am I glad it did. They referenced several times that I am a blogger and that the particular occurrences would be blogged about. Thus, what will follow is going to be a very detailed and exciting account of the 30.5 hours I spent with them.

It all started out, at exactly 11:27 a.m, as I de-boarded the Metra and headed out to find my ride. Of course it was raining, and as is usual on days when it rains, I did not bring my umbrella. I tried desperately to hide myself from the wet drops that threatened to ruin my good hair day when Cousin C crept around and motioned me towards the car. I hopped in to find Cousin K behind the wheel, mug of coffee in hand and feet free of shoes.

We drove to their home, where I was greeted with a warm salutation from Aunt L, Uncle D, and Cousin J. And -- a cup of coffee!

Alright. A minute by minute account might not be too entertaining, so let's highlight the good parts.

The food.

For lunch we had curry chicken salad. Yummo. But, it was the dinner meal that was truly spectacular. Uncle D and Cousin C are on this journey where they make a different meal every week by a different chef. Then, they blog about it -- check it out --

This nights meal was the Barefoot Contessa and on the menu was: Mushroom risotto, chive-risotto cakes, and parmesan broccoli. I would show pics, but you will just have to mosey along to the official blog for those. Let me tell you -- this meal -- was so delicious. Every dish was just as good as the next. Alright -- confession to the cooks -- I thought I was not a risotto liker. I watch the food network chefs make it from time to time, and in my head, I am not a fan. However, with the first bite of the risotto, I knew that I was a BIG fan. It was scrumptious. The risotto cakes were to die for, but I love any combo of rice, cheese, and cream. And the brocs -- yes -- parmesan, garlic, pine nuts, lemon zest, crunchy broc. Simply nothing wrong with any of it. And then dessert -- Lemon Mousse with homemade whipped cream! It was tart -- but it was great.

Then of course Easter had it's fair share of deliciousness. Let's see. Woke up, showered, and then had my mornin cup o' joe. Turns out, I was drinking decaf. Nuhuh. That was not going to cut it, so I had to drink more coffee with caffeine. My day is nothing without caffeine pumping through my blue veins.

For Easter lunch we had a fantabulous pork roast, razzle dazzle jello, sweet potatoes (courtesy of my copacetic skills), rolls and salad. Followed up by -- or course -- more coffee and french silk pie. Just great.

The days were full of fun convo, lots of food network, and laughter. It is always great to see family. But, I have to be honest, it was just a dreadful time. I was treated poorly, and when I said all the food was good, well I wouldn't know because they didn't let me eat it. I was forced to consume nothing but arugula and lemon juice.

Then I ended the weekend by coming home and writing. It was so good to get back to my novs. Last week was rough in terms of writing and it just fell stagnant. Fortunately, as I sat on my couch with a warm glass of milk and honey, and the rain pouring down outside, the words and story felt right and good. I am hopeful that this week will be far more productive.

Let me just ask you what you would do in this situation. It is pouring buckets out and Roommate cousin texts me at 8:30 saying she would be home in an hour or so. 10:15 rolls around, I am exhausted so I decide to go to bed -- text her before hand to see of her whereabouts. I fall asleep, wake up at 11:15, no text nor cousin. Fall back to sleep, 12:45, still neither. So, naturally, I got a bit worried. I mean, it has been three hours since I heard from her last, at which point it seemed like she was heading home soonish. It is raining and dark, after the Easter weekend; I didn't panic, but I did let the images of all the possibilities flood my brain. Let's just say, all of the situations I came up with, were not so pretty.

Fortunately, she responded to my next and a tad more vulgar text. Crisis was averted. But I got to thinking, what would I do? Probably call her phone, call the last people she was with, call the popos, call my mom freaking out, call her phone 27 times, etc. But I probably would have simply fallen back asleep, thinking that eventually she would come home, and then had a dream in which Zac Efron asked me to the senior prom.

Anyway, overall the weekend was a success, fulfilling all of those necessary criteria: family, friends, food, and coffee (oh and remembrance of Jesus' resurrection).  Add in lots of laughter, Bobby Flay and one freak out moment, and I do believe the weekend is complete!

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