Thursday, April 1, 2010

From the Apt Ledge

Spring is finally here. 
Well, more like summer! 
Ah. I am in love right now.
In love with life!
Roommate cousin and I live right next to the el. 
Thus, we have no back porch. 
But, we do have a ledge.
And right now, I am sitting on that ledge.
The rumble of the el comes by every so often,
The sounds of Lady Gaga are playing from below.
The scents of the Bar & Grill and Pizzeria are wafting in the air.
I am in shorts and a t-shirt.

Today I made Baby do everything on their porch.
I fed her.
Read Harry Potter -- in a British Accent
Sang some Disney.
Rocked her to sleep.
I sat out there while she napped.

Now that Baby and I can take walks,
nannying is so great.
We try and take two daily walks.
And it has been -- HOT.
But, I love it.
I also love, love, love Baby.
I told her that I loved her,
which I tell her often,
but this time I clarified.
I love her,
but like a nanny.
A healthy love.

She is getting so great.
Just incredible.
We do this cute little thing,
I tell her to give me a kiss and I pucker up.
She moves her face closer to mine 
and I kiss her.
Winding up with a slobbery mess on my face.
Then she starts to spit her tongue out at me.
And grins wide.
And I grin really wide.
(I would just like to add that I managed to spell that all on my own.)

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