Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mind Boggling

Today I took Baby for a walk and for about 3/4ths of our journey the air smelt rank! What was it due to? Oh let me tell you. This little thing called manure. The word alone is simply grotesque. I looked it up in my computer dictionary and this is the definition: animal dung used for fertilizing land. Some synonyms: excrement, muck, horse apples, buffalo chips, turds. 

So I ask you then -- why on earth do people insist on putting it on the ground?! It is ugly and smells, ruining the beautiful spring air and any pleasure that the beautiful flowers it surrounds might bring. You know, why not use cedar chips or regs dirt that you add your own fertilizer to? Or whatever one chooses to use, I simply ask that it not smell heinous. I think manure/smelly dirt is simply disrespectful to the whole of society. When I want to go out for a walk, I want the air to smell nice and not like I've apparated to a cattle farm where corpses are rotting under the ground. 

People use manure to grow pretty flowers, but they are really just destroying my happiness and well being. This concept simply boggles my mind.

 Rancid dirt from the excrement of a cow does not belong in the same vicinity as beautiful flowers or me.

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  1. Seriously EWW. The St. Louis marathon was a few weeks ago and I swear they put the manure down the day before we were supposed to run. Ew. How's that for trying to get people to travel to our marathon ... welcome to St. Louis, our city smells like pooh, literally!


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