Thursday, April 15, 2010


The temperature outside today is 80 degrees! It makes me eager for the summer. But when I think about summer right now, there is an element of uncertainty that lingers in the air. Baby and I will not be spending the summer together, as Baby's Grandma will be here to care for her. I will miss the lil' bug, but I am glad that family have the opportunity to spend time with her. But, it makes it a tad hard to picture just what summer is going to look like at this point.

The only for sure thing this summer, is the wedding of the one and only BG to DK. Tickets purchased and dress bought, there is no turning back now. Though, I have been known to ditch wedding commitments, a stigma I desperately need to dissolve.

As for the rest of the summer . . . I have two options. One: stay in Chicago and get a job. Two: go home for part of the summer. There are pros and cons to each.

Staying in Chicago 

Pros: Summer in the city. Meet new people. Beach. Great food. Margaritas. Independence.

Cons: Have to find a job. Have to pay for all of the fun extravaganzas.

Going home 

Pros: Summer by the pool. Great tan. Sister time. Time with family. Time with dog. Leisure. Chance to build driving confidence. In Chicago part of time anyway. Other than rent, most expenses paid.

Cons: Wouldn't have a full time job to make money.

Reality is, I really do want to go home. I have always been a home body, and I think it would be hard to deny myself that time to spend with my family. The rest of my life will be spent away from home and if I have the time and ability to go home now, I think I should. But, we will see.

All in all, I know whatever I decide to do, I will have a great summer. 
And it will look like this . . .

Cold Beverages

Time in the Sun

Ice Cream Cones



A Wedding

Summer Dresses




And Family.


  1. No. Your family is in Chicago. Don't abandon them!

  2. I know. That's what I meant by "wherever I am, these are the things that summer will have."

    But . . . love means you don't have a choice. And I really love my dog a lot.

  3. Excuse me..don't you mean you really love your little sister a lot!?!
    Oh and i figured out how to post a comment, yay!


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