Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well, you wanted to know

I am sitting at work, which is an apartment that looks out at the Sears tower — excuse me — Willis tower, drinking coffee and trying desperately to refrain from eating the cinnabun that is sitting on the counter. Baby is sleeping in her crib — good girl — and I am twiddling on my comp. Usually, I turn on my primetime in the daytime showing of Supernatural, but today, I just really am lavishing in the quiet silence. It is a rainy, lightening-thundery day out, and I am so cozy and content both inside the apt and inside my being . . . you will not eat the cinnabun . . . well, I think my will just lost to my desire and now excuse me for a brief moment well I go heat up a very small, miniscule, hardly even worth counting, portion of the delicious treat.

I'm back. Was it worth it? Well, i've learned that if you refrain from eating the whole thing, even half, you are perfectly satisfied. So yes, it was totes worth it.

Well, I come to you with this post this morning, because I feel like it is time. Unless you read my blog only to look at the pics, you already know that I am writing a novs. However, since really early on in the journey, I haven't disclosed much info on what this novs is actually about. I get asked this question often. Which makes sense, after all, tell someone you are writing a novel and the next question should be, "about what?" And I don't know why, but I always say, "well, I'm not really disclosing that information as of yet."

That is all about to change — right here — in this post. Of course, if rando at the coffee shop asks, probs I won't tell. But, for my blog readers, I think it is time. Of course, a while back, probs in the month of Febs, I posted some brief excerpts and a vague overview. But in the world of novel writing; things change, characters redefine their path, and plot lines need to be adjusted adequately.

So here it goes. If you were to go to the book store or library to find a copy of my book, you would find it in the Young Adult Fantasy section under F. Now — don't get ahead of yourself — it is not about vampires, angels, or time travel. Not even about wizards!

It is the story of a young man, Caleb Porter (and yes, this pick of James Dean is perfectly ideal, if merely because it is pleasing to the eyes), who is a key back into a hidden world. And no, not about Narnia either. The book follows him on his journey not only to discover who he is, but to uncover the misunderstood truths in all of our lives. Along the way, he encounters some allies and many enemies. It is his job to decipher who can be trusted and who can not be. Some will try to lure his heart, while others are trying to taint his mind.

Of course, as any good YA book needs, this is a story of romance. Shockingly, even to myself, the romance is not necessarily the main focus. Though, by the end that may no longer be true.

In brief overview: Caleb Porter, a charming and honest young boy, moves to a small town in ambiguous location when he is twelve and meets a young girl named Jaylee. The two become close friends, until one day, Caleb disappears. Everyone is led to believe that he is dead, until five years later when he all of a sudden comes back. With mystery man Jake in tow, Caleb returns to his old town to discover Jaylee has moved on. But she is in immediate danger. She has a necklace that he gave her years ago that contains a key to answers that everyone needs. Caleb wants it, but so does everyone else. Caleb and Jake abscond with Jaylee and this is where the story really gets going. Caleb is trying to learn who he is, while Jake is desperately trying to convince Caleb to be on his side, meanwhile Jaylee just wants to make it home for prom and graduation. However, she quickly learns that she can't just walk away and the bond she shares with Caleb is more than just a childhood crush. And Caleb learns that it is less about choosing a side and more about following what is right.


  1. I'm intrigued! Can't wait to read it :) You know ... eventually (I can wait my "turn").

  2. Nice! I'm also intrigued but almost don't want to know more. I want to wait and read it. I'm afraid of spoilers! Sounds awesome so far though!


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