Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am addicted to . . . 

~Diet Coke: though I have limited my consumption only to those times when it is sitting in front of me. 

~Iced Coffee with soy milk and vanilla: limited to once a week, or more when my mother so kindly supplies me with a sbux gift card!


~James Dean: watching his movies, reading biographies, buying memorabilia, googling him

~Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries

~Young Adult Fantasy Novels

~Spinach: a great compliment to chicken, omelets, salads, sandwiches, pastas, etc.

~Tattoos: of which I have just recently received my fourth and fifth simultaneously. As of Sunday evening, I am now adorned with the following tatts.
1. Cross on my left wrist
2. Psalm 121 on my right foot
3. A snow drop flower on my left rib cage
4. A rhino on my right wrist
5. A dandelion on my left shoulder (picture is not of me nor my tattoo)

I would like to say that I have hit my quota, but a year from now I probably will want another. 
Like I said, I am addicted. 

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