Thursday, May 27, 2010

Early Morning Riser

I am a huge advocate of sleeping in. I love to lay in bed as morning graces the sky and the brilliant sun shines through my window or the rain pours down outside. Either way, I really enjoy going in and out of sleep as great dreams flutter around in my brain.

Alas, I have a job that mandates I wake up early everyday. And I do it each day with reluctance, setting multiple alarms and giving thanks for the multiple ones that Roommate Cousin also sets. And never have I ever woken up late . . .

That was until today.

This morning, I woke up to the sound of Roommate Cousin leaving the apartment at 5:57 (her early departure would come into play), my alarm would sound in t-minus 3 minutes. At least that would have happened if I had not forgotten to set my alarms the night prior.

The minutes passed and I lay in bed content in sweet slumber, oblivious to the fact that nothing would alert me for my wake up call.

As I lay there, a loud honking began to occur outside my window. This car honked and honked and honked. I was annoyed. But then I finally checked the time. 6:28. Fifteen minutes past my usual rising. Panicked, I leapt out of bed, speaking audibly a profanity and quickly got ready. At 6:36, two minutes before I usually leave, I walked out my apartment door.

With granola bar in hand, I stood waiting for the el with minutes to spare. I stood their grateful for: my convenient location steps from the el station, my ocd that has me lay out clothes for the next day, granola bars, and cars that honk at 6:30 in the morning. I shiver at what may have happened had nothing forced me awake. I certainly would have been late; that's for sure.

And now, Baby and I are once again having a great Thursday. While putting her down for morning nap, I got a tad emotional holding her sweetly in my arms. She is just so perfect and adorable. And now that she is a pro at the napping thing, I am able to love her that much more! I can't imagine what it is like for real parents to watch their baby become an actual person. Today she is 10 months old! And as I held her, I got sad for the months ahead that we will be apart, but realized that I am so glad I will come back to her in the fall. Our bond is like magnets, distance will pull it apart, but as soon as we are back together, our magnetism will draw us together again!

We had lunch with Roommate cousin who just finished her last exam for the CPA! I am excited that we will have some time to have fun again before I take off. So today we ate lunch. It is nice having her work near by. She has joined Baby and I every day this week for lunch or coffee. It certainly makes the hours between nap 1 and nap 2 a lot of fun. And I think it is beneficial for Baby to have other human interaction, it helps her people skills, perhaps it will encourage her to stop growling like a lion and to speak at a manageable volume.

Then we returned home and I decided not to show her the video that makes her whine for half an hour and rather put on some Lady Gaga and motivational Christian music.

Then I read to her Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, in a fantastic British accent might I add. Then another nap! The rest of the day proceeded to be just as great.

Anyhow. Now I sit fresh from my walk/run at the good Ol' Jolly Rog Laundromat (solely to obtain internet access) at the end of another great Thursday. With a long weekend ahead and a roommate free of studying (and now officially a 3/4 CPA), the possibilities are endless. Just turning me into an early morning riser. No time to waste. The excitement of life awaits.

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  1. I understand. I'm slowly becoming an early morning riser as well.


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