Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here comes Thursday . . .

As I have complained -- a few times -- before, Thursdays are the bane of my existence. Long, slow, boring, and usually rainy. I am grumpy, ergo, Baby is grumpy. All in all. Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad kind of days (well, that would be a ghastly overstatement, but still).

But -- not today! I woke up this morning determined to turn my sour mood towards Thursdays completely around. And thus far, it is going pretty well.

First off: I have plans to go see Ironman 2 tonight. Which, I would hate to go see a movie after a day that's sour apple flavored.

Second: Every day, I know I have arrived to work just on time when I walk across the street the very same time that this dad and his two sons, along with their two puppies walk across the street the other direction. It is just so cute. And today it made me smile.

Third: This man was walking down the street with his little dog, carrying a mug of coffee. The man that is, not the dog. It just seemed quaint.

Fourth: The sun is shining. It is hot.

Fifth: Baby and I only have three more Thursdays together until summer break and I am not going to waste any more of them behaving like the Grinch at Christmas time. So I pumped up my heart a few extra sizes to make it last.

Sixth: The smell of food grilling is emanating throughout the air. And it has made me incredibly excited for home and grilling. Grilled burgers, chicken, vegetables, corn. Hmm. Yummo. I cannot wait for a simple piece of grilled chicken and nothing more.

Life is good.
Summer is near.

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