Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Ending: This is not a spoiler

Last night I tossed and turned, failing to ever enter that beautiful place of sweet slumber. And why may you ask did sleep not find me?

Well, because my mind was reeling with all the thoughts I had flying around my brain from the series finale of Lost. (And because my apartment was squeltering.) Perhaps it would be wise to refrain from giving any opinion on the matter, but I just gotta talk about it. So, I will place this photo hear. Do not read any further if you wish to avoid any Lost discussion. I will not discuss any plot or characters, my opinion will remain vague and there will be no spoilers in this post.

The Lost Finale found me at the tail end of a rather busy weekend. And I suppose the truth is, I did not have high hopes for it. This season over all had been a let down, culminating in a series of boring and vague episodes where little happened. Yes, questions have been answered. But the answers have overall been rather uneventful. And there have been many fascinating twists and turns that have resulted in cosmic questions, but too many questions asked results in too many left unanswered.

The finale in my opinion could have been great, but as a conclusion to a lackadaisical season, let's face it, there was not much hope. This final season could have been far better than it was. Mainly because the show itself from seasons 1 through 4 was incredible. Come season 5, we were left to merely scratch our heads. And season 6, well I had grown to prefer rewatching episodes of Supernatural to taking the effort to watch Lost. It could be that it was strange for me to watch it weekly rather than in rapid succession.

Overall, the season finale was as expected. Rather predictable and without any like woe moments. That was all and well. But, I felt as though the real problem was that the characters were not given their fair ending. This final season did tie up some lose ends in relationships and such, but I feel as though it stripped many of them of their intrigue. This is a matter of opinion and would be better explained in detail, but I will just leave it at that.

But, the real abysmmal tragedy in my opinion was the Jimmy Kimmel aftershow. He made false advertisement of alternate endings. And then Jimmy Kimmel talked the whole time, leaving no room for the actual guests to say anything. It would make sense that Matthew Fox could dawn some light on the finale, rather than having him nod with an eyebrow raised as Kimmel gives us his own idiotic thoughts.

Alas, however, I find that in retrospect my opinion of the finale is relatively positive. No matter what, the show is over. And perhaps I don't have all of the answers I wanted. But, the reality is, it ended with room for interpretation. It gave us a conclusion and from there it is up to us to fill in the gaps. Disappointment in the finale is really just sorrow that such a great show is over.

Thus in conclusion . . . if you have never watched Lost and took the time to read this post, you should watch it. The show overall is incredible. Like anything, endings never leave you fully content because it is the end.

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