Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Mundane Thursday

Today is big ol' Thursday. The day where I no longer find the fervor to crawl around and make funny faces all day long. It is the day where I go splat upon the blanket on the floor and let Baby crawl all over me. It is the day where naps never last long enough. And the day where time seems to stop for three hours somewhere around 11:30, as I sit waiting desperately to eat lunch. And then time resumes, only to stop again at about 4:45, as I eagerly await the end of the day. Baby gives me the stink eye as she eagerly awaits the end of the day too and that time when Mom or Dad come home with more energy and better funny faces. 

I hate Thursdays. Not because I dislike my job, but because Thursday is that dreadful pendulum in between the week and the weekend. Where you only have one more day to go, but still have this day to complete. I like Fridays. I tend to perk up a little bit and have that much extra zest that I stored away on Wednesday afternoon, knowing full well that the only way to make it through Friday is to drink lots of coffee and go full throttle. But that requires Thursday to be just as it is. Slow, boring and mundane. 

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