Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Long Weekend

I started my weekend at 12:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon. Leaving work with Naked juice in hand and an unlimited destination, I walked to the loop with a bright song in my heart. My first stop brought me to State St. where a little shopping was necessary. I bought a few summery items and then retreated for home, not before stopping for my Iced Grande Soy Vanilla Coffee. Just what I needed.

The weekend that followed was to be just as great.

Friday evening, Roommate cousin and I went to Garcias, our local Mexican restaurant, for a broccoli and spinach burrito, topped off with Margaritas. Then, we went to Jewel to pick up some ice cream and a movie. We settled on Up in the Air with George Clooney. It was subpar, but the triple rounds of ice cream were fantastic.

Saturday was a beach day! We spent a relatively leisurely morning and then headed for the beach! The day was perfect. The sun was shining, but it was not too hot. We laid content for hours, unaware of the amount of sun exposure we were actually receiving on our fresh from winter skin. We both had put on sunscreen, but when we left the beach, we both discovered that a few spots had not been covered. It put a damper to our new glow, but it was still a worthwhile day. A day that we ended at Julius Meinel enjoying a grape fruit salad and mushroom sandwich, which were followed up with a piece of cake and cappuccino, while listening to the soothing sounds of a classical jazz ensemble.

Sunday morning we once again woke up and spent it leisurely. This morning however, we were joined by N and E, and some Mimosas. We enjoyed them upon our ledge as the morning sun rose into the sky. And then we headed back to the beach, this time with a more anal approach to both sunscreen and extensive sun exposure. The day was much hotter and the beach portion slightly less enjoyable, but we followed it up with iced coffee at Sbux! And then a delectable meal at Olive Garden!

Monday was by far the best day of the weekend. It began with a very relaxed morning, starting with a faux-argument over my coffee creamer, which Roommate cousin took upon herself to throw away. I had to resort to putting icecream in my coffee. It was simply torture. Then we sat on the couch for a long time, her reading and me writing. I really got into my writing this weekend. I have gone back to the other story that I started a while ago. When I reread it, I found that the material wasn't half bad and over the weekend I really got into it again.

Then we took off for N and E's in Oak Park. We arrived just in time for a rousing game of Wii. And then played this game called Ticket to Ride. Which I was initially apprehensive about, but found that it was relatively enjoyable. Of course, most people probably don't know that the reason I tend to avoid games is because I get competitive. And thus I become slightly whiny and aggressive. Ergo -- turning into a downer and an enjoyable person to be around.

As the first game nearly drew to a close, I had one more move I needed to complete:
E: "That's it, I'm playing the rest of my trains. Game is over."
Me: Chucking my cards on the ground with frustration. "You've got to be kidding me. Uggh. If anyone is even thinking about suggesting we play again, you can count me out.  I hate this game and I am never ever playing it again."
E: Startled at my freak out. "You each get one more move."
Me: "Oh. Okay, phew. Sorry about that overreaction. We can play again."I pick up my cards and complete the last play I needed, slightly ashamed of my freak out. Which was actually spoken with a few more implied vulgarities. 

We went on to play another round, which I successfully creamed everyone in -- thank you very much.

But then there was the best part of the whole weekend. We went to go see a movie at the Oak Park theater. The day was somewhat rainy, thus with our candy from the grocery store smuggled in through our oversized bags, we settled down to watch Prince of Persia. Now, I had seen this preview a few times, but not once did I ever encounter any physical desire to see it. However, I figured this day that it would be an alright action movie.

My goodness. Did I love it!? It was great. Exactly the type of movie I wanted to see. It was centered around a relatively basic plot, but it was so incredibly enjoyable that I just walked away completely satisfied. I had a diet coke and hot tamales. Jake Gyllenhal appeared far more attractive and endearing than I thought he would. The theater was clean. The action scenes (which were practically the whole movie) were well done and exciting. Overall, I couldn't have asked for more. Honestly, truly. I really recommend it to anyone who just wants to spend two hours entertained. You won't walk away with a hard hitting message that revolutionizes your life, but it will put a smile on your face.

We then returned to N and E's, finishing the long weekend with some steak.

I don't think I could have asked for anymore from this weekend. And now I sit at work. Blogging, eating kettle corn and drinking iced coffee. Baby napped for two hours while I basked in the sun.

Life is good.

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  1. Some new friends introduced Brad and me to Ticket to Ride a few months ago. We both really liked it. I love new games :) You know, I don't consider myself very competitive, but I sure hate losing, haha.


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