Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye

Yesterday marked the last day of Baby and Nanny for the summer. And it was horribly sad!

Before going to bed on Sunday night, I wrapped up my lil' rhino for her and wrote a note talking about all of my fav memories. Then as I lay in bed, tears began to fall. And for a good six minutes, I cried.

It was a very surreal moment. First off, I had no idea that I would get so emotional about the whole thing. It took me off guard to be crying with real tears about my departure from Baby. But then as I got to thinking about it, I realized what beautiful tears they were. What a blessing to have found a job that I would be in tears for what is only a short break. They weren't just tears of sorrow, but tears of joy as well. Because I truly love Baby. And as much of an influence I am in her life, she is just as much in my own life. Taking care of Baby is the longest job I have ever had. She has taught me patience, selflessness, love, how to speak in a British accent, how to laugh at the small things, and how to allow Lady Gaga to ease a grumpy day.

Before leaving on Monday night, I sat with the Rents, and Baby's Mamma opened and read my note to her. Tears that I had been working really hard to hold back for the past hour came. In front of Baby's Mommy and Daddy. They were kind enough not to address the fact I was crying. Then I left and called Lil' Sis. I hardly got one word out before I was crying again. What a mush I am? My maternal instincts and that sense of caring somehow have turned me into a very sensitive person.

Like I wrote in my note to Baby, this is not the end, but merely intermission before act II! We will be back together. The saga is not over.

So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye. To Baby, Roommate Cousin, Chicago, and Apt. It has been a great year!


  1. Nikki,
    It's so awesome reading your blog and I appreciate how open and honest you are about your world. It's a little weird getting to know you in such a different way when I've hung out with you several times... but also very cool. I just have one question... where do you find all of your amazing pictures? They fit your topics so well!

  2. Thanks Brad! I get my pictures from http://vi.sualize.us/search/.


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