Sunday, July 18, 2010

Life like a Pixar movie

Well, it has been far too long since I posted anything up on this here blog. Especially long since there was anything of value.

This post is about my not so secret love with Disney Pixar.

Let me tell you -- ever since viewing Cars, a movie about a race car that finds himself held up in a humdrum town, which I have watched approximately 37 times. Thanks due to a young curly haired boy whom I babysat a few years ago; he didn't speak much, but he certainly knew how to say, "I wanna watch Cars!" To which I always graciously replied, "oh yes, of course!"

Anyhow. Since falling in love with the fantastic world of imagination and animation, I have watched nearly all of the films that have been released since. Many have forced me to my version of tears.

Disney Pixar movies encompass stories about race cars, a rat who longs to cook, superheroes, a lost little fish, real monsters, toys that come to life, a famous dog, a dancing penguin, or a man who tries desperately to rediscover himself after the loss of his wife. Beautiful movies, with magnificent stories. Not just for children, but for everyone.

I even find myself walking through life with Pixar glasses on. I see people who look like they have stepped out of the screen, and life that is filled with bold and bright colors. I even can hear a musical score in the background. Sometimes, I like to live life like I am in a Pixar movie. And what does this entail?

Well -- a pixar movie usually starts out with our main character content in their happy life. They might even experience something great. Then all of a sudden, some disastrous event usurps the comfort they had and forces their life to a catastrophic pit. Which is then rectified by them realizing that life is about far more than popularity and material things, but about goodness, friendship, and love. This discovery comes at the end of a great adventure! The perfect pendulum. The rise and fall of life, simplified.

If only life were so simple. One single plot line. Only one major moment to live through and then everything is just fine and dandy. Unfortunately for us, life is not really like that. We have many plots that accompany our life. Many ups and downs, and a great deal of just waiting for something to happen.

But like a pixar movie, the good news is that no matter what the in between, with faith, we will always go from the happy beginning to the beautiful ending. We begin with God placing us on earth to live out the life he has planned for us. And in the end, no matter what tragedies we experience in the middle, the ending will be incredible. We might encounter times where we just think it would never get any better. But when that happens, we need to remember the pixar movie. We must remember that we cannot climb out of the pit on our own. It takes relying on others to help us. Woody didn't make it home without the help of Buzz. Marlin would never have found Nemo without his friend Dory. Mr. Incredible would have failed to save the world if it weren't for his family. And Mr. Fredricksen would have simply wallowed in self pity if a small boy named Russell, with a penchant to love, had not accompanied him on a grand adventure.

I challenge you -- Live life like a Pixar movie. Experience a grand adventure, but don't do it alone. And don't let life pass you by because it is easier that way, the biggest obstacles are the ones that produce the greatest results. We might experience many ups and downs, but just put on your pixar glasses and view life with a few brighter colors and a musical score.

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