Friday, July 2, 2010


Last night I was hit with a sudden reality that knocked the breath out of me.

Robert Pattinson and I are MFEO.

Just let this video explain . . .

As Rob spoke the words, "I always think I've done something wrong anyway, because I am not entirely sure how to drive . . . " I just knew he was my soulmate. In lieu of my last post, the significance of this statement in my life was utterly huge and somewhat reassuring. Robert Pattinson isn't a great driver either! And if that's not a reason for two people to belong together forever, well then I don't know what is!

On top of that, while watching Ellen, I was also convinced by the fact that we are destined. Ellen commented on how he is somewhat shy and has difficulty with interviews. And he says that he dislikes doing things where you have little time to think about what you are going to say, because he has always had a hard time thinking before he opens his mouth . . . and thinking in real time. And I sure can relate.  

I am pretty much convinced. I might just start doodling his name in my notebook, surrounded by little hearts. Because when you know, you just know.


  1. That settles it. You and RPatz. MFEO. I always knew this much was true.

  2. Oh nikki! I am never ashamed to say you are my sister, but this post might be an exception...MFEO...really? But if you do happen to land RPatz, please introduce me to TLaut

  3. This post just made my day. Love it.

  4. I will make you one! Do you have any color preferences? Fabric choices? Reds? Blues? Greens? Marimekko? Cutesy? Organic-y?

    You want it, I got it.


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