Friday, August 27, 2010

Year 2

Well, officially as of about a week ago, I have lived at my current address for a year.

When I arrived at my apartment a year ago -- I was jobless, directionless, and blogless.

Now, I am a nanny,
A blogger,
And a writer.
I still have no real direction, but I have a pretty enjoyable hobby to fill my time while I try and figure that out.

I got back to Chicago on August 1 and have simply been spending my time writing and crafting. I started my novel over for the fifth time and have found that this time -- is the right time. It just feels right. Of course it still has its issues, but I no longer feel like writing page one again would rectify those issues. Now I am about 40,000 words into my revision and each day I look forward to the direction my characters are going. And I am actually excited by the story. And in a little bit, I am going to send to Lil' Sis, the roughly complete first section of my novel to be read, by someone who is not me. It is a tad nerve racking to have something so dear to my heart given to somebody who will critique it, but it is time.

So, other than writing the next Twilight, I've been crafting, drinking lots of iced coffee, and renting things to watch. I have taken to renting the show The Tudors, an account of King Henry and his royal court from netflix. And then I rent movies from the redbox.

Well, I have never been the best at returning things that I rent. I usually return my redbox a day or two late and it takes me a few days to get on returning my latest netflix.

Yesterday morning, I thought I would be really on top of it. I figured I would get my netflix in the mail early on in the day so that it would go out when the postman picked up the mail. I grabbed up my disc, headed to the U.S postal box, and stuck it in there. Then I wiped my hands together in satisfaction and headed home. About a half hour later, I was sitting on my couch writing when I looked down to note my netflix dvd sitting at my feet. To which I blurted out a profanity, smacked my head and instantly knew that I had done something entirely stupid. I had put my redbox, in the mailbox. Foolish.

I proceeded to call up redbox and to tell them my tragic story, to which they were far more kind and understanding than I would have expected. The woman truly wanted to help me out. Unfortunately, unless the movie was returned, I would suffer a $25 charge to my account when the movie had not been returned in 25 days. Ouch.

I wish this story had a happy ending, because that would truly make it a fantastic tale; however, the movie had no hope of being retrieved. I addressed my issue to my local post office who merely stared at me and refused to hear out my tragic dilemma. It was a tad disheartening.

Moral of this story, never stick a hard jewel case in the mailbox. Netflix come in an envelope.

Though, the day would not end in tears. For shortly after my debacle, I had the pleasure of going to the Lincoln Park Zoo where I spent my afternoon with the wild animals. And then, there he was. A rhino.

He was truly breathtaking, large, beautiful, and just completely adorable. It affirmed the fact that I really do love the rhino; this is not just a fake fascination. I could have stood there all day watching him eat his hay, because while looking at him, I was in love. Seriously, how cute is he?

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