Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Novel Update

What is about to follow is my inner thought process that I am just spilling into this post. It will not contain pictures. And may perhaps be boring. Nor will I proofread it for grammatical errors. But do please read nonetheless. Get a look inside of my mind.

Back in February of 2010, I began the journey of writing a novel. Now it is nearly October and I still have no finished product.

For the past week or so, I have been stagnant. Every time I try to write, I fail. And I mean fail. It is horrible and frustrating.

Last night I made the mistake of reading one of my old drafts. Honestly, I did not find it half bad, which was the mistake. Now the direction I thought I was going down permanently until the last sentence does not seem right anymore!

The story, though it has had several beginnings, still is the same one that I began in February. And you would think, that every time I start over, I would get disheartened. But with each new beginning comes a new realization. Oh, this character is supposed to do this! Oh, that is the moral of the story! Really, they are the bad guy!

I have written in total, about ten different drafts. I would estimate that in all that would add up to about 200,000 words.

That is not to say that each draft is a completely new design. The formatting is just tweaked. Thus, often scenes that I have written tend to make their way into another draft.  Of course, not one of the drafts is past the first section of the story!

And now, I am at a stand still. I have my characters and I see their paths, but I cannot figure out how to ultimately get them there.

Here is my dilemma. I have three main characters. And I want each of them to tell their story somehow, but I am not sure how to go about this. My most recent draft was a completely new revision where I took another draft and put it into first person. The story has become now about a girl named Jaylee and her journey through the story. At first I really liked this. And in all, I think first person is a good idea. But now it is difficult to learn what the other characters know in a casual manner.

The story is not like a simple revealing of a gorgeous boy who is really a vampire. I am hoping it is a tad more complex than that. This is why I originally began it in third person. The different point of views seemed essential. Then again, I like the way that first person creates an added sense of mystery in the characters. It is limiting, yet more enticing in a way. Yet, slightly infuriating.

Here's the thing. I need to stop starting over. But here's the other thing. Right now I really like both ways of writing. I like the possibilities that I see in each. So I need to keep going, but I am not entirely sure with which one to keep going with?


  1. Just a quick word from my experience (reading, not writing of course) ... I love Jodi Picoult's writing style where she has many characters telling the story from their 1st person view. Each chapter is a different speaker and therefore you hear different sides to the same situation and such. No idea if this would work for you and your story, but it might be something to explore. :) Sometimes it can be confusing (especially at first), but the added complexity is something I enjoy.

  2. I think you should alternate between first person and third person every other paragraph. It would be super trendy and modern.

  3. Thanks Big Elizabeth and Little Elisabeth for your advice!


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