Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adventures of a Nightwalker

I have an overactive imagination. I am pretty sure that it is abnormal. I don't know if most people add characters to books they read just to make them more interesting. Either way, this is not just something that is limited to the waking hours. While I sleep, dreams are a constant occurrence. But often my dreams don't just stay in my head or in my bed.

I have those dreams where you are half asleep and half awake. And reality is blurred with whatever I believe is going on in the dream.

Often, I hear people outside and I am convinced that they are about to come into my apartment. Or because I am as blind as a bat, I can't really make out shapes, so a coat on the back of a door becomes an intruder. A spot on the wall becomes the giant spider that has built its web outside on our fire escape. The ceiling is often leaking hot acid or giant spokes are protruding from it, and I cower into the corner of the bed so it doesn't land on me. Almost once a week, I think it is time to get up, check my clock and even though it is only 2 in the morning, I walk into the kitchen disillusioned.

Last night, my adventures took an entertaining direction. I was having a dream that I was somewhere with my sisters and one of them told me to fix their covers for them. So I grabbed the corners and adjusted them. Then suddenly I hear someone say, "what are you doing?"

I woke up right away to realize that I had actually breached that invisible barrier between Roommate Cousin's and my bed and was actually fixing her covers for her. Feeling slightly embarrassed and extremely confused, I mumbled something about how I was dreaming that she asked me to and went back to bed.

This makes me nervous. My mom once told me a story about my uncle who sleep-walked right out of his door and was walking down the road when he woke up. What if this is my future? What if I wake up one day ringing the buzzer at work? Can you imagine the shock on Baby's face when I show up in my pajamas in the middle of the night?

Or even better, what if I am destined to become a nightwalker? I might turn into a creature who prowls the streets at night fighting crime because I have dreams about vampires and shadowhunters.

I am going to start going to bed dressed in black leggings and a black shirt so that when I leave the house with my bow and arrows slung over my shoulder I don't have to worry about changing my clothes.

People will talk about me. They will say, "Did you see the woman in black, she was out there again. Like a shadow lurking through the dark of the night. A figure only visible when there is a full moon." They will call me a vigilante, catwoman, a vampire, an illusion. Little will they know that I am just a girl, a nightwalker, awake in the midst of my dreams.

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