Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Away

I sit in the dim light of the cottage, the sound of the fire crackling in the background, the cozy heat combining with the smoky scent. Does anything get better than this? Coffee, treats, fires, writing, and relaxation? Well yes, the fact that it is my birthday weekend does up it a few notches. But regardless, this weekend, I am soaking in the opportunity to spend it -- not in the hustle and bustle of Chicago -- but five hours north in Onekama, Michigan. Where Roommate Cousin, Chelshey and I have settled in for an autumn weekend away. 

Today, I woke up early to enjoy a cup of coffee with my first holiday creamer of the season, along with some pumpkin bread. Roommate cousin and I took our breakfast to go, as we went and sat on the porch of the inn that is near the cottage. We watched the sun rise over the lake and drank our coffee while swaying on a rocking chair. 

Then, we took a stroll down to the beach, gazing at the beautiful fall colors along our way.

We returned back to the quaint cottage to replenish our coffee supply and drove to Lake Michigan to catch the view before the rain arrived. 

Roommate cousin packed a delicious fika, which included swedish treats and a table cloth.

Unfortunately, the rain could not be delayed much longer, but the downfall of this was spending the afternoon going to the hot tub and sitting by the fire. 

Now, after several Godiva chocolates, a glass of wine, and a long discussion on Twilight, I sit writing in between my blog and my novel. A nice dinner out awaits us, but for now we are just content. Contented by the sound of only the fire, the clicking of my keys across the keyboard, the gentle turn of a good book, the quiet sighs of happiness. 

This has been a good weekend. And it is only Saturday.

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