Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday Splendor

So as you know, I love to celebrate my birthday month. Simply cannot get enough of myself and celebrating, that is for sure. But once November rolls around, it is time to admit that not every day can be about showering me with gifts and love.

However, this year, one last birthday celebration was called for. And it was fantastic. Nat and Ellen graced Roommate Cousin and I with their presence last night for a lovely evening of catching up. It was so nice to see them and to have it be just the four of us. Time with family is unbeatable.

We ate delicious Thai food, which I have been craving since returning to Chicago in August. For some reason, though I have wanted it practically everyday, I have not ordered Pad Thai from Opart. Now that craving has been filled. Hmm. Yum.

Also, another craving was filled last night. Since antique shopping a few weeks ago, I have had this great desire to own a typewriter. I mean, I consider myself a writer, and every writer needs an old fashioned typing machine!

So, you can imagine the elation that accompanied untying the bows to reveal not one but two typewriters!

If that were not enough, RC and I were also given a toilet seat. Now, before you raise an eyebrow at this peculiar gift, let me tell you that our toilet seat has been broken (meaning the seat falls off when you sit on it) since probably April. The small things in life are sometimes the greatest!

Thank you Nat and Ellen for a terrific evening and incredible gifts! You know us so well.

Now I think I can officially put my birthday back in the box under my bed. It is going to be a tight fit. I am just going to say that this golden birthday was pretty incredible. Thank you everyone for indulging me!

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