Friday, November 5, 2010


Another week has come and gone! It felt like it sped by. I guess that is what happens when you add a few new activities to your life -- committed writing and commitment to Woman's Workout World.

But it is Friday, and I am ending the week in a really great mood. I just love Friday morning nap time, for the single reason that I get to fulfill my guilty pleasure and watch The Vampire Diaries. I make no apologies for my love. It is perfectly normal to enjoy well crafted television every now and again. And so be it if this particular show deals with vampires and werewolves.

This week I have also been in love with the book I am reading. I actually want my el ride to be longer because it is so gripping. Yup, it is a book about fallen angels called Crescendo. I just like reading it because I get so wound up in the characters. It is a great resource for my own writing, because it shows me just what a well written character looks like (at least in my genre anyway). It is a character that takes very little effort to have them come alive for you, and they can exist in a mediocre book. That is what I want, the great characters, not the mediocre book. I am striving for characters that pop out of the pages with the simple description of their smarmy smile.

Writing this week has been going well. My mind is back in the story. I guess all it took was a little mandatory writing to remind me how much I love to sit down and write. And I think I finally have a grasp on where my novel is going, mainly because I finally and truly love where it began. I also feel like I am getting a grasp on the characters and their stories.

All in all, this has been a really great week. Monday started out with a freak attack of an identity crisis and nannying frustrations, but the week went up and not down.

But mainly, I am in a good mood because on Saturday evening, I am going to see Broadway's The Lion King! I am so excited. More than my love for young adult novels and supernatural television, I love musical theater. So, all week Baby and I have been listening to the music to get me in the mood. And with each time the songs play, I can just predict the very moments that the hair on the back of my neck will stand on its end and chills will flood my soul.

Happy Friday everyone.


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