Monday, January 24, 2011

Book List

I just finished a very entertaining book called Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins. And yes, this book is about supernatural things. Shocker. Witches to be exact. Well, witches, shapeshifters, fairies, and vampires to be a bit more exact. It is the story of Sophie, a 16 year old witch who gets shipped off to Hex Hall, a reform school for supernatural kids who were a little too ostentatious in the human world. There she encounters a variety of individuals. A group of three snobby witches who want to induct her into their coven. A boy who is the perfect mixture of arrogance, wit and sincerity. And an outcast best friend. What more can you really ask for? How about mysterious murders? And a narrator who is actually endearing and enjoyable? This book falls right smack in my preferred genre and boy did I enjoy it.

It was one of those reads where I was very interactive, muttering comments under my breath, squeezing my hands into fists, and had I been reading a real book and not from my iPad, I probably would have ripped some of the pages. I did however smack the screen a few times. Solid proof that I am really into the story. And slightly embarrassing actions done on the el, next to a business man, with his iPad opened to CNN. But I just can't deny a book the reaction it deserves.

I can't tell you if this book is actually good. It just so happens that I am not the best judge of real quality.  But that doesn't change how much I liked it. Fortunately, I got to the end only to discover that it was not over. Really putting it into my favorite type of book genre--the series.

I notoriously love a good book series and y.a. writers love to make their books part of a series.

Here is a list of the top five sequels, trilogies, or fourquels I am eagerly awaiting in 2011. All because authors couldn't just stop writing at the end of book one (or book three).

1. Hex Hall: Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins: March 2011
(Second book in the afore mentioned Hex Hall series. I can't wait.)

2. City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare: April 5, 2011
(Fourth book in The Mortal Instruments series. 
If Jace has at least one witty line, this book will be worth it.)

3. The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare: September 2011
(Second book in the Infernal Devices series)

4. Tempest by Becca Fitzpatrick: November 2011
(Third book in the Hush Hush series. I cannot wait for more Patch.)

5. Crossed by Ally Condie: November 2011
(Second book in the Matched series)

6. Divergent by Veronica Roth: May 3, 2011
(Now I know this is 6 books, but this doesn't really count since it is book 1. But it is part of a series that I am very excited for.)

One day I might be too old to read y.a. fantasy, but that day is not today. And that day can't come until at least 2012, because I have a lot of unfinished stories to read in 2011.

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