Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This past weekend was spent enjoying the finer things in life. On Saturday we partook in a lovely lunch with some guests.

Then roommate cousin and I attended a movie at our local theater. We saw The King's Speech. It was a beautiful movie, a stark contrast to The Black Swan, the prior weekend's movie viewing. The former is the motivating story of King George's journey to fix a stammering issue, as he becomes the new king and the voice of hope for the country during WWII. The latter is the demented story of a ballerina who takes her role just a little too seriously, ultimately snapping her strings of sanity. I really enjoyed both. If you want to leave the theater having cried some heartfelt tears, see the first. If you want to leave feeling like you might just be well on your way to going insane, see the second.

Both movies were seen just in time for The Golden Globes on Sunday evening! I love award season. I thoroughly enjoy getting immersed for three hours in the glamour of the film world! Beautiful young starlets, handsome young actors, Alec Baldwin... Need I say more?

Then I had a day off on Monday! It was wonderful to fill my day with all things me. I spent a better part watching Gossip Girl. Another good chunk writing. A small chunk buying silly candle holders at crate and barrel. A very small bit drinking sbux. And then a perfect amount of time eating sushi! I possess an amazing ability to fill a day with a lot of excellent nothing.

It was lovely. But it made me thoroughly miss the holiday season. A two week period where my life looked very much like the above. And then I realized that I never highlighted my two week vaca. So here is a series of pictures chronicling the holiday season -- my family's style.

Family, food, games, snow, daily sbux trips, relaxation, nightly movies, and road trips. Can we just hit rewind on the remote of life please!

Well anyway, here is to starting the work week on a Tuesday and to Baby's incessant yet utterly adorable bellows of Ninny up and down the halls while I blog.


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