Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Onset of a New Year

A new year brings many things. An ability to reflect. A chance to start fresh. And a desire to dream.

In reflection of 2010, I don't really have much to complain about. True, it was not a world rocking year, but it was a good year. It was a year that was meant as a stepping stone. Sometimes we measure a year by the changes we experience. Did we achieve something great? Did we meet our lofty goals? And if we look back on the year only seeing the aspects we did not achieve, then we fail to see the amazing things that did happen. For me, I had a goal to discover what I wanted to do with my life. To decide on my indisputable vocation. Alas, this did not happen. I am still a lost nanny. But I have discovered a few directions to follow. I found writing. And this single fact alone has made all the difference in my life. Without writing I would have watched too many movies, become a fan of the Jersey Shore, spent way too much money on clothes I don't need, baked way too many cookies, and spent way too many lonely evenings twiddling my thumbs. But I didn't need any of this, because I found my hobby. I found a way to take my hours of daydreaming and put them to use. I found something to be proud of.

A fresh start. Some years just need to end so that we can let bygones be bygones and move on. Mistakes are inevitable. Leave them in the past. Only bring along the lesson learned. I made a mistake of thinking I could sit out in the sun without sunscreen on. I wound up shedding like a snake. I was an abomination for several weeks. But I am not going to let this mistake carry into the new year. It happened. Sometimes our skin just has to shed a layer. Now I will wear more sun screen.

Goals. Aspirations. Requirements. They all boil down to the one word of the new year, resolutions. A new year marks the perfect time for those lists and changes you promised you would make last year but some how didn't get around to. This year I have a few goals. Finish my novel. Get in shape. Read more than just ya fiction, meaning read some classics, maybe even the newspaper. Cook more, eat out less. Do something adventurous. Work on becoming a member of the Oscars academy. See a celebrity. Learn all of the presidents. The books of the bible. Go vegan. Discover a new element. Become an Olympic athlete. Save the rhinos. Marry a billionaire. Invent time travel. And maybe go to the dentist.

You see, the problem with resolutions is that you can get carried away. I started to get carried away, and my mother simply said, "don't go crazy." All of a sudden you have so many things you plan to do that you lose sight of them all. It is okay to set goals, simple or far fetched. But achieving those goals shouldn't distract you from living, nor should the inability to achieve them. It is important to dream, to imagine and aspire. Just make sure that you leave some room for the joys of the randomness of life. Life will happen, even if it wasn't part of you new year's resolutions.

So welcome 2011. Let's start living.

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