Wednesday, February 23, 2011

127 winter hours sure do chill the bones

Winter's Bone
Synopsis: When the law shows up at Ree Dolly's doorstep saying that her father needs to appear in court or the family will lose their house, Ree only has one option -- to find him herself. Ree (Jennifer Lawrence) is a seventeen-year-old girl living in a poverty stricken area in the Ozark woods, trying hard to take care of her two younger siblings and sickly mother. They scrape by with the sometimes brutal kindness of their family and neighbors. But with the law threatening to take their house, their future looks grim. Ree is determined to find her father to protect her family, even if that means uncovering a secret that those involved are trying hard to keep hidden at the bottom of a lake. 
Review: This movie is... Simply put, this movie is difficult to review. It is not one of those movies where you say, "wow that was good" or "wow that sucked." It just was a very realistic portrayal of life in a devastatingly impoverished area. 
Best Picture
Actress in a Leading Role: Jennifer Lawrence
Writing (Adapted screenplay)
No idea. 

127 Hours
Synopsis: When Aron Ralston (James Franco) sets out for an adventurous afternoon climbing Blue John Canyon, he can never have foreseen the fate that awaits him. In an attempt to live life as a loner, he fails to tell anyone where he is going. When a boulder crashes into him, crushing his hand in the canyon, he finds himself stuck without anyone to come looking for him. For the next five days, we watch as Aron tries to save his own life. Meanwhile, he takes us through his memories, helping show how he wound up at this point.
Review: This movie is fantastic. There is not much subject matter, but the excitement is non stop. I can't remember the last time I spent the whole of a movie on the edge of my seat, literally gripping the armrests. The cinematography is breathtaking. James Franco does an amazing and believable job. The story is the perfect mixture of exhilarating, heart-wrenching, and terrifying. I don't know if I am more impressed by the movie or Aron Ralston himself. What he managed to do to save his life is incredible. And this movie is worth seeing just to witness the adventure that this real man underwent.  
Best Picture
Actor in a Leading Role: James Franco
Film Editing
Music: A.R Rahman 
Music (Original Song): "If I Rise"
Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
I am not very good at making predictions (if you haven't caught onto that already). There just were so many great films to choose from this year and my biasses are threatening to get in the way. I would pick this movie for the Best Picture merely because it was my favorite. However, I don't know if this movie will win any of the awards, but that does not belittle how fantastic it is. See it. You will not be disappointed. But if you have a problem with heights or blood, maybe bring a blindfold. 

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