Monday, February 21, 2011

Oscar Week

Welcome to Oscar week!

On Sunday, February 27, the Oscars will be broadcasted. I love the Oscars. I look forward to it all award season. And one day hope to be on the Academy and take part in placing a vote that counts!

I usually throw a small soiree where we gather together, partake in delicious food, and participate in the awards. I will admit--there are some mildly boring awards. Who really cares who wins for best sound editing? Nobody, unless there is a prize at stake! I discovered that printing out ballots for people to place their nominations helps everyone get a tad more involved. It helps people care about who actually wins.

Last year, we all placed our nominations with a shut eye and a pointed finger. I had neither seen nor heard of many of the nominees. It made the evening kind of a bust. Thus, this year Roommate Cousin and I decided it would be worth our time to go to and rent each and every Oscar nominated film. By the time of the awards on Sunday, we will have seen every single one. And there are some really great films nominated this year.

But if you haven't seen any of them (shame on you) you do not have to go into the awards shrouded with a dark cloud of mystery. I will do you the honor of discussing each of the ten nominated films. So for the next week, each day I will highlight two of the movies--providing a synopsis, my critique, and my predictions.

Welcome to a week featuring the best in film. Enjoy!

Tomorrow: The King's Speech and True Grit

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