Friday, March 11, 2011

A trip to Mexico...

Thank goodness for random trips to Mexico!

Okay, so I didn't get to go to Mexico, but Baby and her parents did. Which meant on Monday I said Adios to nannying and hello to a life of splendiferous luxury. It was a minimalistic week -- full of writing, reading and coffee. Oh and lots of delicious treats. Including the delectable new cake pops at sbux.

It was a week full of pampering myself and doing everything I love to do. Like reading Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins. A terribly terrific book about a young girl witch/demon. And wearing sweats all day. Writing whenever I felt like it, which was a lot. Not going to the gym, but going tanning instead (I know -- I am destroying my skin -- but for four days it was worth it). Doing crosswords with a cup of coffee and brownie for breakfast. Hanging out with friends and staying up late. Not organizing my closet even though that was the one thing I promised I would do -- oops! And not scheduling away my every minute, but enjoying them as they came. 

I needed this week. I needed a break from the day in and day out. I needed a chance to just catch my breath and breathe in the things I love to do. And I am so grateful for these few days. Though returning to work on Monday will be brutal -- perhaps ten times harder than the average Monday return -- by the afternoon, the residual impact of my days of lounging will kick in and I will look back on them with fond memories. I will say an audible thank you to them. Thank you for enveloping me in your perfection. I might even throw in a gracias to the country of Mexico that lured Baby away for a vacay. 

Now I sit at sbux, desperately trying to come up with a witty way to conclude this blog post. I can't. So instead I will just leave you with this picture of a hammock. I think that sums it up just right. 

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