Monday, May 16, 2011

Graduation Day

For my little sister who isn't so little anymore...

High School Graduation.

The end of one stage of life.
The beginning of the next.

A chance to start fresh.
A chance to reflect.

Graduation is a bittersweet moment where you leave behind the life you grew to love, to embark on a new life that you don't yet know. It is daunting and exciting. Or it is a chance to leave behind a life you grew to hate. A life where you never found your solid footing.

Graduation pours the little fish out of the bowl and into the great big ocean, where they are whirled around and set asunder. They will have to find a new direction to follow. Their own direction.

For some--high school was the best years of their lives. For others--the absolute worst. It is a place where you were either rememberd as the prom queen or the boy who puked during frog dissection.

Remember as you step forward that it is also important to look back. Graduation isn't the start of a new book, just a new chapter. Your life is held in a single binding. Don't get hung up on what happend on page 72 or what will happen on page 476. But live on the current page. Remembering that we are our past, present and future. But the best way to live is in our now.

Congratulations Aimee.

Love you always.

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