Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A New Story

As you may or may not recall, I have set a deadline to finish my novs by the time I return to Chicago in August. Setting out for Sweden, I figured I had sufficient time to nail down my novel and to knock back several thousand words. I did write a lot. But not what I was supposed to be writing. The Memory Rune, the book I have been working on, is set both on the ocean and in Chicago. While in Sweden, my landscape was far from this type of setting. Expanses of green. Fields full of wild flowers. Towering pine trees. Thus, my creativity took a new path.

Set against the Swedish landscape, a new story began in my mind. And I've been loving it. It is the story of a girl named Ida. I think it is Dystopian. There is a love triangle. Maybe even a love pentagon. Tentatively called Land of the Midnight Sun (yes Roommate Cousin, took this from your Lupin poem). And it is dominating a lot of my attention.

Don't worry, I still set a deadline. One that I am determined to reach. The Memory Rune will get its finish. But for now, I kind of like living in the field of wild flowers.

The grass tickles my toes as I tread from the river back home. The sun is beginning to set, and my mor will give a whirl if I am late for dinner--again. My mor insists we sit down for dinner every night. I have to do as I am told, though I would prefer to remain outside, wandering the green earth. Free from the binding constraints of wooden walls. 
This is where I belong. In the forest. I stop walking and turn my gaze from its forward path upward. The sky is a lit blue that sends beams through the large coniferous trees that tower like skyscrapers. They blanket the world in shadows. Reminding me of a world that used to exist long ago.
I am tempted to race in the opposite direction. Run away. But a bird caws, returning me to reality. It doesn't matter where I go; they will always find me. Even out here, I am not alone.

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  1. Nice coniferous reference. And I suppose you can take that title, but I'll need some sort of royalty.


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