Thursday, June 2, 2011


It appears as though I have taken an unintentional blogging hiatus. Life has just been slipping by these past few weeks. How did we go from April to June? Honestly, did May even exist? Perhaps it has been the strange mishmash of spring weather or the busy weekends but somehow spring is gone and summer has officially arrived.

After a weekend of a rain and fantastic thunderstorms, the sun has blossomed across the sky and it is lovely. Monday marked the first trip to the beach, and I was a wise owl that slathered on sunscreen. No burning this summer--not for me.

But the onset of summer is a tad bittersweet. In just one week, I will bid farewell to Baby and head off for summer vacay. Eeek. Only one more week. I am excited for summer break, but leaving Baby for two whole months does not make me jump with joy.

Last year, I made a tasteful exit. Yes, my eyes grew a bit teary, but overall I maintained my composure as I handed her a stuffed rhino and asked her not to forget me. This year--I make no promises. Well, I guess I can promise that I will cry. My first year with Baby was fun. I got to hold a baby everyday. But it was on the verge of boresville. This year has been a blast. Sure, it has been full of ups and downs, but overall, it has been wonderful. I love Baby. She can infuriate me like none other. But in between the times when I wish she had a mute button, she has enriched my life. Her little voice, charming smiles, quirky sayings, and overall hilarious demeanor make my days worth it. I will miss her, but this time I leave knowing she will remember me.

Leaving doesn't come without its perks. The day after I say goodbye to Baby, Roommate Cousin and I bid another farewell, this time to our Country Tis of Thee. We will aboard separate airplanes and fly over the ocean to the peaceful country of Sweden. It will be a great week and a half of visiting old friends, eating great food, and spoiling my cavities with candy.

Should all go well that is.

I am flying standby, which means there is an element of chance. I have never been much of a risk taker. I like plans--set plans--plans that are made and then etched into concrete. However, I have chosen not to have that luxury. Thus, I welcome the chance. The chance that I won't make it but also the chance that I will. I am crossing my fingers and wishing on dandelions that all goes well. Each day I have to remind myself, that this is an adventure. It should be exciting, not daunting. With my iPad and about six different books, no amount of waiting in the airport can get me down. I am determined to channel the adrenaline from nerves into excitement, welcoming whatever outcome awaits me.

What else is there...

After Sweden, I head back home to Tulsa for a summer by the pool. I can't wait to sit there everyday with an iced coffee in one hand and a good book in the other. Paradise.

I will work part-time babysitting my neighbors, but my full time job will be my book. This journey has been too long, and it is time that I actually finish it. I set a goal that has long since past. Now, I have a new one. End of the summer=end of the book. Even if that means late nights and early mornings. This is a deadline. A self-imposed deadline with no real consequences if it is not met but a deadline nonetheless. 

As I say farewell to Baby and Chicago, I say hello to summer, let the adventure begin.  

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  1. Sweden here we come. Kebab are mine. Here's to high-waisted pants and lots of godis!

    Roommate cousin


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