Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Trip to Norway and Sweden

I made it. I left my apartment at noon on Thursday, June 9 and did not return until Monday, June 20. What lay in between was a week and a half of traveling beautiful country sides, exploring fascinating cities, and reconnecting with old friends. It was wonderful. To quote Roommate cousin, "It was great. It was so nice."

There is so much to be said that I will more or less graze over the details and hit on the finer points via photos.

Oslo: On Friday when we arrived, Roommate cousin and I met up with our friend Joanna at the Oslo airport. We then spent the next couple of days with her, spending our monopoly money on coffee, food and treats.

Sweden -- the food: Let's put it this way, I think from beginning to end, I was either eating or drinking coffee. It was great. 

Sweden -- the landscape: Aside from catching up with old friends, my favorite part of the trip was the beautiful landscape. It was incredible to go five minutes and wind up in a field of flowers. It was breathtaking. I think I could stay there forever and just exist. It was like a fantasy world. 

The people: A place is only as good as the people in it, and the people we saw on this trip are phenomenal. They took such good care of us. We were given the royal treatment. Every place we went, another one of our Swedish friends was there and ready to treat us like queens. It was wonderful to have that security, but also to just spend time with them. They are all such amazing people. They are what made this trip great. 

Puss och kram. 

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  1. Quote from groggy mom in response to oral of this blog " hmmph, no quotes I can't quote". We love you Nikki! Love Jessie and aimee


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