Friday, July 15, 2011

Young at Heart

Since the majority of my blog readers live with me at the moment, blogging during my summer vacay seems a bit futile. But hey, I can't deny my secret fans access to my most private thoughts, can I?

Summer has been great. It is strange returning home after living on my own. I've heard us (myself and those my age--just in case you required a specific clarification) called the boomerang generation. We leave the nest after high school but ultimately our route is destined to return us back home. For me, my return home is secluded to only summer vacays. But still, I have left behind my bustling life in Chicago for a simpler life in Tulsa. It always takes me awhile to settle in to the routine. To get used to the access to television, the mindless hours in the pool, and my mother buying me a daily Iced Chai Latte. Okay, it doesn't take me any time at all. I settled into the routine just fine, and I've got the tan to prove it.

Returning home is returning to paradise. Leaving behind the stifling city heat and long commute for a part time job right next door to my overly air conditioned home. Reality--it is wonderful.


However, life must go on. And even in Tulsa I have responsibilities to attend to. I set a deadline and I am determined to keep it. Of course keeping a deadline when you have writer's block is difficult. It is like saying you need to travel twenty miles by dinnertime, only you are trudging through wet cement. With every step you take, at least one of your shoes gets left behind causing you to lose time and energy by yanking in an effort to retrieve it.

My cement is the distractions. The mindless distractions.

It is hard to stay on track when a variety of television shows beckon you. My new favorite, ABC family's, The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Oh it is bad. Oh but I love it. Good, waste of time show. But I am a fifteen year old girl at heart. At least when it comes to my television and book choices (my pool side read also happens to be the book The Nine Lives of Chloe King). Also and I may or may not be crushing on Bieber. And I do know all of the songs to Tangled by heart. And I'm a babysitter by profession.


Maybe I am a fifteen year old girl in every area of my life. C'est la vie. And mine is pretty fantastic at the moment.



  1. I don't live with you and I miss you! Miss your blogging and miss you in real life. It's been too long dear cousin.

    Also, your blog is doing that thing where I cant sign in using my google account. Brad's is doing that too. Weird.

  2. I'm a secret fan! Keep the posts coming! (And tell everyone in Tulsa hello and we miss them.)


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