Sunday, September 25, 2011

Long Time No See

Well, turns out I do still exist. Anyone staying awake at night with restless anxiety, you can rest easy. I am alive. I have not been abducted by aliens. Nor have I taken up residency in a third-world country. Nor did I score a ticket on the Hogwarts express. I am currently just continuing to trudge through life back in Chicago. Back with Baby. And back to my every day life.

Returning has come with a little bit of the same old, same old.

That might sound rather boring, but recently I'm beginning to realize the beauty in that. Up until now, every year of life has come with big changes. Mainly these changes are things like switching from third to fourth to fifth to sixth and so on grade. Going to college. Switching majors. Graduating. Moving. Changes. But this year doesn't really come with any of those changes. I live in the same place. Have the same job. And the same clueless outlook on my future.

With the lack of change, there is none of that necessity to figure out what a new year looks like. And though that has potential to sound mundane, the lack of change--at least in the big sense--is nice. It is a relief to be starting from point 2 instead of point 0. Because from point 2, you aren't starting over, rather starting from a place where you are comfortable and from there the opportunities are that much greater.

Here is a bit of how the same old, same old can come with changes of its own.

I walk to work a different way. Well, I walk down a street a block over, but still it is a different street. Now I walk past a breakfast place that occasionally passes out free samples of breakfast sandwiches.

I have currently been immersed in a terribly gripping series called The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Now, being as familiar with young adult literature as I am, I had heard about this series a lot. Heard a variety of rave reviews that I seriously doubted. I had even tried to start the first book about three times. Well, I guess the solution was to actually read and finish the first book. The result is considered both the best and worst decision ever. I am hooked. The great part is this is a six book series with a companion series as well. Never ending. At first I thought there would be no way I could maintain that type of stamina. With this series, there is no stopping. While Roommate Cousin slowly reads War and Peace, I devour The Vampire Academy.

Other news, I bought new boots. Inspired by both my fashion forward Lil' Sis and Chloe King (my fav summer show). They are a bit different for me. And currently causing blisters. But I really like them. I am working on my image. An image that has kind of floundered with my current nanny profession. But I realize, I am not a mom, I have no excuse to let my fashion sense suffer.
What else is to be said?

I am addicted to smoothies. Avocado smoothies to be specific. Avocado-banana smoothies from our corner Vietnamese Restaurant to be even more specific.

I did not like the New Girl. A new show on Fox with Zooey Deschanel that inundated me with countless charming commercials over the summer. It was flat. And so not as charming as the previews portrayed.

I bought a new apron before leaving Tulsa. I've been back in Chicago for one month and have not used it once. Ergo, other than one crockpot meal, I am not cooking much these days.

Roommate cousin and I reorganized our furniture. We now have a frame wall that is pretty awesome.

I am looking into taking a writing class. I have one picked out. Now, I am waiting for the courage to sign up. And for the courage to tell Baby's Rents that they actually need to be on time on Mondays. Otherwise, I will be late. I don't do late. But they do. This will be a slightly strange conversation as I have never actually mentioned to them that I write or that I have any interest in writing as it were. I don't really want them to know that while watching their child I simultaneously either write or think about my novel. But I refuse to let any of these facts deter me from signing up.

I'm a vegan. Other than the times when I eat meat, cheese and other non-vegany foods, which is at every meal. So I guess maybe that's not a change I've made. Nor do I intend to ever make. I like cheese. Gouda's my favorite.

Well, those are some of the changes to the same old, same old of my life. At least for now. As the year continues, and I grow more comfortable with the old, I look forward to the possibilities of new. Because though this year isn't seeping with drastic change, it is a year where change will happen anyway. It might be subtle or drastic or even somewhere in between. But that's okay. Because life is about making and accepting change. Life is about not staying stuck walking down the same street to work, but willingly walking a block over and discovering that this change gets you there faster.


  1. Um excuse me! I would like to think that me living here is a bit of a change for you! I am more than a little insulted...

    -Lil Sis

  2. Liz and I also found 'The New Girl' a little disappointing. But then we watched 'Whitney'. It made 'The New Girl' look like a comedy masterpiece. The previews made the two shows look so similar, it was hard to tell them apart. But 'The New Girl' has a lot more potential.
    Oh, and I also Love Gouda!
    Welcome back!!!


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