Monday, October 24, 2011

Twenty + Five

So today is kind of a big day.

Need a hint? Well, I am prancing around with an imaginary crown on my head and a magic wand. Either I am a fairy princess or it is my birthday.

If you guessed fairy princess then we obviously don't know each other. Because my birthday is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

And this isn't just any old birthday. This is 2-5!!

I always imagined what my life would look like when I turned 25. It involved a simple life in some boring suburban town. My ordinary husband would work in finance or realty, and I would be a soon to be stay at home mom. We would be church goers, spend our evenings watching all of our favorite programs, and I would probably cook a lot of meals in the crock pot.

This was the life I imagined. Of course, I imagined it to be perfect instead of boring. The boring is merely my defense mechanism, because clearly this is so not my life.

No husband. No suburban home. And yes, I do change diapers for a living, but for someone else's baby.

I did not achieve my plan. In fact, my real life at 25 looks very different.

More than the minute details, I imagined I would have it all figured out. I thought--foolishly--that 25 was old enough to have it all figured out. A life where goals had been achieved rather then one where goals and dreams have yet to even been thought of.

So, today I am 25. My life is nowhere near what I thought it would be and yet, it is my life. My happy, random life.

I live in a tiny apartment, my boss is 2, I read and write books about teenagers, I am still on my parents' insurance, I hate doing dishes, I get nervous talking to strangers, I occasionally buy shoes from the kids section...

And every morning I wakeup with a new dream.

This is me. This is my life.

At 25, my life has only just begun.

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